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How to get from Rome to Tivoli?

Getting to Tivoli from Rome on your own is very easy. Why go to Tivoli?

  • View the luxurious villas of D'Este, Hadrian and Gregorian.
  • Also on Wednesdays there is a flea market similar to the Roman Porte Porteze.
  • And in Tivoli there is a Sibilla restaurant with a 300-year history, which can also be accessed during an individual tour from Rome.

This photo instruction will help all travelers save time, nerves and money.

The most reliable and fastest way to get to Tivoli is by train from Roma Tiburtina Station. But suppose you, like most tourists, start your journey from Rome's main station, Roma Termini. There is a taxi rank in front of the station.

First we need to buy tickets. It is easiest to do this yourself in self-service machines (Self Service)

Independent purchase of train tickets in Italy. Instruction with photo

To buy tickets yourself, you must understand at least one of the five languages: Italian, English, German, French or Spanish.

We will consider an example in English, but even if you do not know any of the above languages, do not be discouraged - everything is intuitively clear. So, we begin to enter the destination (Arrival station): Tivoli.

We see options from 2.60 to 30 euros. There is no time difference - the road will take a little more than an hour, so we stop at the option for 2.60.

We chose the departure option in 10 minutes.

To do this, according to the schedule, take a regional train to Roma Tiburtina. And from there, take a direct train in 50 minutes to Tivoli.

We select the number of tickets, in our case there were three. Continue by pressing the NEXT button (FORWARD>)

We are offered to buy a return ticket, but we planned to return by bus. Looking ahead, I’ll say that the bus is, of course, an option, but you can get into traffic jams, and I didn’t really like it. The train ticket is valid for 2 months, so if for some reason you do not have time - do not worry, you have time. As they say - this is Italy. If desired, select a return ticket, and click PURCHASE.

Next, you should choose the option of payment in cash (maximum available change is 100 euros) or by card. Cards of all popular payment systems Visa, Mastercard, etc. are accepted.

We chose the cash option. Drop the coins here.

We are waiting for the ticket to be printed.

Voila, we have a ticket.

We are going to Tivoli

But it was not possible for me, a rather experienced traveler, or my friend Max, who lived in Rome for 4 years, to quickly find a departure platform. This is Rome, and there is nothing to be done. But do not despair, jump into the subway. The metro has a standard city ticket for 1.5 euros.

Be careful as not all trains go to the desired station Tiburtina Fs, but only those in the direction of Rebibbia.

The journey from Termini to Tiburtina takes about 15 minutes.

At the exit of the metro, turn left to the platforms (Binari). If you have not bought a ticket yet, there will be instructions on buying a ticket at Tiburtina station below, as there are differences.

Trains to Tivoli depart from the first and second platforms.

In Italy, it will not be superfluous to double-check everything. On the scoreboard, for example, the inscription "Tivoli" is not.

We look at the schedule on a wall. It turns out that we are approached by a train to Pescara at 10.33, which passes through Tivoli.

Further, nothing complicated - go through the numerous transitions.

An important point - do not forget to validate a ticket in such a machine. If for some reason you did not have time or could not do it, you can write with a pen on the ticket the departure station, date and time. This option will suit the controller, and the ticket must be checked.

The road to a brighter future.

Consider that it takes about 5-7 minutes to get from the metro to the platform.

Congratulations, you have successfully reached the train.

Buying tickets in Tivoli at Roma Tiburtina Station

Suppose you are at Tiburtina station and you need to buy a ticket to Tivoli. It is even easier to do this than in a Termini self-service machine, but still the process is different. Firstly, you can go to the box office and try to explain which ticket you need. For the most part, Italians are very welcoming, and the language barrier is not an obstacle here. The main thing is not to be shy.

Find a hotel near Tiburtina metro

When planning your vacation in Italy do not be surprised and do not be offended by possible delays. Just take it for granted. From time immemorial no one has been in a hurry.

The process of self-purchase of tickets at the Tiburtina station is carried out in such machines.
Train schedule line FL2: Roma Tiburtina - Tivoli

Choose one of five languages.

A quick pick is available for 2nd class tickets.

We need to Tivoli.

We take a ticket for 2.60. You can pay only cash or special cards. Attention: Visa and Mastercard are not accepted here.

The appearance of the ticket differs in size from those purchased in Termini. After composting, a hole should appear in the machine and the date of departure should be printed.

Just in case, check the schedule on the wall. The best option for us was the departure time at 12.38 from the first platform.

Road to Tivoli: photos from the train window

I recommend that you choose a place near the window on the right side of the car in the direction of train movement. The landscapes that open to you are worth it.

Such is the weather in Italy in mid-October.

When approaching Tivoli, you will see gorge and waterfalls of stunning beauty. They are located at the Villa Gregoriana mentioned at the beginning, a 10-minute walk from the station.

This is the main entrance to the station in Tivoli. Go right - to the waterfalls, left - through a bridge to the city center. In order to see all the sights you will need a full day, and in a comfortable mode two. So you can safely consider the option of spending the night in Tivoli, there are not so many hotels here as in Rome, but they are much cheaper.

Find hotel in Tivoli

I hope this instruction has been useful to you and you are not sorry to share it with your friends on social networks. You can ask all interesting questions in the comments.

Watch the video: TRAVEL DIARY: A DAY IN TIVOLI, ITALY (April 2020).


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